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Top traits of a good doctor - number 4

    شماره 4:

    Up to date

    The medicine industry is changing all the time and it's important that you are prepared to keep up to date with new findings, innovative research and emerging theories at all times. 

    Even once you have graduated, you shouldn't stop learning.

    You also need to be analytical about everything you read. There are a few famous examples of medical discoveries which have changed the way a lot of professionals operate, which have later gone on to be discredited. The impact of these mistakes are huge and, in some cases, are still being felt 30 years later. 

    No one expects you to be perfect or right all of the time, but it is essential that you are able to understand the impact of mistakes or bad judgement

    یه نکته مهم ( شاید هم مهمتر از up to date بودن ): هرچی که میخونیم ( چه پزشکی چه غیر پزشکی) با دید تحلیلی بهش نگا کنیم.


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    Top traits of a good doctor - number 4


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