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Top traits of a good doctor - number 1

    تو این پست و 5 تا پست دیگه، چنتا از ویژگی های یه دکتر خوب رو که از یه سایت خارجی پیدا کردمو واستون میذارم ( واسه این تو پست های جداگونه میذارم که فک کردم شاید حوصله تون نشه همه رو یه جا بخونید. )


    It is of the utmost importance that you behave professionally in all your conduct. Your medical education will probably involve a discussion about what professionalism means and what you need to do in practice, but there are a couple of key concepts which are universal.

    Doctor/patient confidentiality is extremely important. It is a fundamental strand of medical ethics. This also involves maintaining a professional distance from your patients. They need to feel safe in your company to disclose information at their discretion, and they need to be sure that anything they say will not leave your office.

    Equally important is respect and fairness. A good doctor must be able to treat all patients equally, regardless of their ethnicity, lifestyle choices or conduct. Your job is to treat your patients, not to judge them

    جمع بندی: مریض خیالش راحت باشه که رازش فاش نمیشه

                 به همه ی مریضا با یه چشم نگا کنیم.

                 فاصله ی حرفه ای مون رو با مریض حفظ کنیم. ( در عین حال که رفتارمون باید طوری باشه که مریض اعتماد کنه و اطلاعات لازم رو در اختیارمون بذاره. )

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    Top traits of a good doctor - number 1


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